Eat The Frog Fitness South Surrey, BC is amongst one of our first studios to reopen in Canada! After their voluntary closure due to the COVID-19 virus, the team has been hard at work preparing for their reopening strategy.  

Owners, Jessie Keillor and Brock Dorward express the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle during these uncertain times, especially one revolving around your health. “Over the past few months, we have heard from our members how much they need the studio for not just their physical fitness, but their mental stability! Fitness not only will help members build their immune system, but also provide an outlet that many people need to help stabilize their anxiety, anger, fear, and energy!” says Jessie. 

The South Surrey team has implemented the following procedures to abide by local regulations:

  • “We are leaving 30 min gaps between each session so our team can properly clean between sessions.” 
  • “All members are asked to leave any equipment that they have touched on the ground. After the session, our team will come through, clean it all, and place it back.” 
  • “Members are to wait in their car until they see us physically prop open the door.” 
  • “We must screen each person upon entrance by asking them COVID related questions.”
  • Along with blocked drinking fountains, verbal check-ins, hand sanitizer stations, and more. 

For more information regarding the reopening of our South Surrey location (5/25/2020), please email their team at or follow them on Instagram at @eatthefrog_southsurrey.

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