Georgia is amongst one of the first states to reopen their economy as they begin to implement reopening procedures that will reintroduce non-essential businesses such as gym facilities. A process that began (5/2/2020).

Eat The Frog Fitness has two studio locations in Georgia. The first – Cumming (already open and fully operating) and the second – John’s Creek, (in presale before the COVID-19 closure occurred). Both are set to start easing back into operations.  

John’s Creek is back on track with their construction and presale but holding off on hosting any events for the time being. As they get closer and closer to their studio grand opening, owner Jason Wells says, “we are hopeful to have a grand opening celebration; however, we want to have a safe one. We want to have something fun, interesting, AND safe for the community and our members to give back and to celebrate.”

The team at John’s Creek will continue to offer the Frog On-The-Go workouts and their coach-led Zoom sessions to their Founding Members until they open. “We are currently providing live, coach-led Zoom sessions utilizing the On-The-Go workouts to provide a sense of community so that you are not working out all alone”. Jason also mentions that it is important for their studio to continue offering these services as they want to provide their members with options. “Everyone is setting their own pace and we want to honor that.”

Close by, the Cumming studio has officially resumed operations. In preparation for their reopening, owner Jeff Shapiro states “we have hired a professional company to disinfect and deep clean our studio with a fog spray to prepare and ensure the safety of our members and team”.

They will continue to explore ways – outside of their already high standards for cleanliness to protect the health and safety of their members.  Over the next 60-days, the Cumming team will continue to provide the On-The-Go workouts for their members, as well as live zoom sessions to help ease the transition back to the studio – letting everyone set their own pace. Owner Jeff says, “our head coach Lauren loves connecting with our members through the live Zoom sessions. We are happy to continue to offer these services as our members begin to transition to our normal studio operations.”

Although John’s Creek and Cumming are slightly different in their reopening process (Presales vs Operating), their members continue to take an active role in their plans. Both studios utilize private (member only) Facebook groups to connect directly with members, allowing them to voice their opinions. This has helped shape the studios re-opening strategies and processes, in a way that attempts to make everyone more confident and comfortable.

Social distancing will continue to be in effect as well as, limited sessions attendance to 50% capacity.  Thankfully our studios are already set up for social distancing by having one member per station each session, but as we continue to implement and follow social distancing procedures our members will remain at one workout station for the duration of the session to limit the spread of germs and close contact.

Staff will also be responsible for sanitizing the equipment and stations before and after each session. These are a few of the many routine procedures that will continue to take place.

Both Jason and Jeff emphasize the importance of regular exercise during a time like this. They express that fitness is so crucial in this moment of pandemic quarantine because of its multitude of positive effects across body, mind, AND spirit. We are excited to continue our efforts to provide a safe workout experience for our members. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our studios at https://www.ollie.local/contact.aspx.

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