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New Studio Marks First for State of Colorado. General | Monday, October 26, 2020


The #FrogSquad community is growing and we are thrilled to announce Colorado’s first ever Eat The Frog Fitness studio has officially begun their 2-week VIP Early access! VIP Early Access is one of the many exclusive benefits offered to Founding Frog Members that allows them to experience the studio and meet the coaches firsthand before opening to the public. Owner Sean Daily is excited to officially open his doors on November 2nd bringing the Eat The Frog Fitness experience to his community.

“I was about halfway through my professional journey and knew within me that I couldn’t spend the second half simply passing time. I had a burning desire to produce something. To give back to my community and leave an imprint upon the world in which we all walk. That is where my path crossed with Eat the Frog Fitness’s. After listening to the unique approach, the organization was taking and meeting with the co-founders, I knew this was an opportunity I could not pass on.” - Sean Daily, owner Eat The Frog Fitness, Highlands Ranch

In a time where health and wellness are so important to our well-being, our Highlands Ranch team is excited to bring the Eat The Frog experience to their community!

Our studios are uniquely situated to offer a safe environment for our members. With the ability to limit session sizes, maintain social distancing of 6ft, avoid equipment sharing, ensure coaches are wearing masks, and situating the studio’s schedule to allow for deep cleaning in between each session. We are taking all of the necessary precautions to keep our studios a safe place to workout.

Sean and his team are looking forward to welcoming members into the new studio space not only for VIP Early Access but when the studio opens to the public in a few short weeks. They are eager to celebrate their hard work and all of their new members in 2021 with a Grand Opening Celebration!

“I want to be a catalyst of change. I want to help my community find their frog. Help them eat their frog.” – Sean Daily

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