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Introducing the Eat The Frog Fitness Mini Studio. Franchising Opportunities , New Location | Thursday, January 21, 2021

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Introducing the Eat The Frog Fitness - Mini Studio

The mini-studio is an expansion to a more traditional 'big box' gym. With 16 stations instead of 24, it allows gym owners to take full advantage of the rapidly expanding studio fitness market without abandoning their clubs' many additional amenities. Utilizing their existing member base, they can cross-promote and upsell to include the Eat The Frog Fitness experience at the premium membership levels. 

Launching in Anacortes, WA, is the first fully built-out mini-studio. It was built as an attachment to the existing Thrive Community Fitness center and will ultimately be joined by a vestibule that can be accessed 24/7 with key fobs. 

When asking Joe Culver, the CEO of both Eat The Frog Fitness and Thrive Community Fitness, what drove his decision to add on an Eat The Frog Fitness mini-studio, he said, "creating the most personalized group training experience in the world is no easy task, even for the most seasoned fitness operators. As our members become more sophisticated in their demands for meaningful fitness experiences that meet them where they are at AND deliver the workouts in a fun and motivating way - it can leave many fitness center owners reeling on the reality of how to produce this. Adding a "turn-key" Eat The Frog Fitness studio to a traditional big-box fitness center is the perfect solution to this challenge."

The studio addition was much anticipated, and once opened, it certainly didn't disappoint. Eat The Frog Fitness Anacortes members love their new studio home. Obviously, with the challenges brought on by Covid-19 restrictions, many of our members haven't been able to take full advantage just yet, but that has not muted the Frog Squads' excitement.

This concept has generated interest across the US as other club owners are looking to the future and asking, 'What's next?" The fitness industry has gone through significant changes over the past decade as millions of new consumers have flooded in with entirely new perspectives on how fitness and healthy lifestyles impact their day to day lives. This new consumer demand has led to new leaders emerging in the fitness world. Many older, more established brands have had to evolve their systems, business models, and offerings quickly. "I firmly believe that big box facilities will continue to provide an answer to these evolving demands. However, big clubs won't necessarily look like it did before. Technology, led by consumer-owned devices and software that personalizes every member's experience, will begin to dominate the day to day fitness landscape. Small box facilities (aka, fitness studios) will also move towards a more personalized fitness model, resembling what we've already built at Eat The Frog Fitness." says Joe. 


Eat The Frog Fitness mini-studios provide a solution that allows clubs to evolve in a market that is only on the rise while tapping into the member base they have worked so hard to build. 


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