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March business review signals growth as in-studio demand increases. . COVID-19, Franchising Opportunities | Thursday, April 8, 2021

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As many Americans start to receive their COVID-19 vaccine, we anticipate considerable franchise growth in quarter two and the second half of 2021. 

"While COVID pushed us to evolve faster, we did not stray from the Eat The Frog Fitness mission to become the world's most personalized group training experience. If anything, it helped to strengthen our resolve", says Amy Bicker, Vice President of Marketing & Communication for Eat The Frog Fitness. 

She goes on to say, "there is no doubt that fitness franchises and the fitness industry faced challenges unlike any encountered before, but we believe in putting in the work. It is what Eat The Frog means. We attack the challenging tasks with 100% of our energy. Our March business review shows that this mentality is paying off with significant growth trends across our studio network". March business reports showed that 80% of Eat The Frog Fitness studios grew in monthly revenue. 50% of those studios experienced double digital growth. 


We are seeing a pent-up demand to get back into the studio to workout with a total of 21.5% growth in new memberships across the franchise network. Now, after months of finding creative ways to workout at home, exploring outdoor workouts, and using our On-The-Go workouts, members are also making their way back into the studios to take advantage of both live-coached and in-studio virtual sessions.

"Our communities are really starting to open up and people are getting excited to be physically back in the studio fitness space. At-home virtual training has been a wonderful supplement during these difficult times, but people are craving physical human interaction. This is why at Eat The Frog we focus so hard on community and the #frogsquad culture, " says Mike Lauer, Senior Vice President of Operations at Eat The Frog Fitness. 

The same health factors that have labeled people at high risk for contracting or surviving COVID-19 have also reinforced the importance of personal health and wellness. It is more important than ever to focus on the areas of our health that we can control and make choices that cultivate a healthy way of living. For many people, incorporating a regular fitness routine is part of that solution.

"The future of fitness is a combination of brick and mortar with connected fitness".

- Joe Culver

Joe Culver, CEO/CO-Founder of Eat The Frog Fitness says, "The future of fitness is a combination of brick and mortar with connected fitness. This allows for unprecedented benefits for members and the flexibility to return when they are comfortable. It allows us to provide a high-touch fitness experience that focuses on member results whether they are in the studio or at home". 

We are expanding our Brick and Mortar + strategy with the launch of our FrogFit membership. This elevated fitness membership bundles the in-studio and at-home experience with the personal accountability of a coach to keep members on track. 

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Momentum is building with 20 new fitness studios expected to open in 2021. If you are interested in franchise opportunities with Eat The Frog Fitness, check out our Info Kit and Webinar for more information.