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5 Reasons To Leave Your Corporate Job & Start A Fitness Franchise. General, Franchising Opportunities | Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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Imagine a life where you call the shots. Where every action you take directly impacts you and your family. A life where you are the boss, you plan your day, and you gain fulfillment from building something larger than yourself. Whether it's a fitness franchise or some other business – working for yourself offers benefits that general employment simply cannot. 

You've probably seen the headlines for the great resignation of 2021. Fortune research has shown "that people tend to quit their jobs after experiencing a “turnover shock”: a life event that precipitates self-reflection about one’s job satisfaction. Shocks can be positive, like grad school acceptance or a new baby, or negative, like a divorce or sick relative. Or they can be global catastrophes like COVID-19 that upend every aspect of daily life". Covid has forced many people to look at their life and ask, is this what I want? For many, the answer is in finding something that is more fulfilling. 

People choose to start a business or own a franchise for many reasons. The main one being they want to become their own boss. 

Before taking the plunge, they've likely worked a corporate job their whole life – waking up at the same time every morning and working hard at what they do. But they reach a point where working for someone else no longer lights their soul on fire. And in some instances, it suffocates them. 

Ask yourself, does the thought of slogging away day in, day out, filling someone else's pockets really get you out of bed in the morning? 

If your answer is no, you may be ready to move on, spread your wings, and explore a franchise business opportunity. 


5 Reasons To Become Your Own Boss & Start A Fitness Franchise

The US has a Global Entrepreneur Index of 83.6, making it the best country for entrepreneurs. Businesses thrive in this country, and you could join a list of successful owners reaping the rewards of self-employment. 

From feeling a deep sense of fulfillment to creating a schedule that works around your life – owning a fitness franchise provides an opportunity that isn't possible when working for someone else. 

Take a look at these five reasons why being your own boss is the way to go. 


1. You are the owner of your success 

Let's not hide the fact that working for yourself isn't all roses. You need to put in the hours and the effort if you want to be successful. But unlike the corporate world, those hours directly impact your success and your business advancement. 

If you're on the hunt for the best franchise opportunity, feel assured that being the owner of your success and having the buck stop with you offers a feeling of freedom unmatched by corporate life. 55% of business owners agree that the main reason for going it alone is to be their own boss. It's not only motivating but also inspiring. 


2. A feeling of fulfillment

Whether it's a fitness franchise or another franchise business opportunity, being your own boss allows for an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. You gain a newfound zest for life, and it's as if some deeper purpose fuels you and pushes you out of bed in the morning. 

For every franchise owner, this feeling is different, but common threads remain the same. They have a purpose and something larger than themselves to focus energy on and stimulate their growth. It's a feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment that makes the daily grind worthwhile. 

Becoming your own boss is perhaps one of the hardest decisions you will ever make, but when you do, this feeling of purpose makes it all seem right. 

There's no time like the present to take that leap and find the best fitness franchise opportunity.


3. Work on something you are passionate about 

For many employees caught in the corporate slog, their work is not their passion, and their industry is somewhat boring. Imagine owning your own business and working in a field that you are genuinely excited about. If you love fitness, then owning a fitness franchise seems like a match made in heaven.  

Fitness studios have fun and motivating environments where you can connect and get to know your community on a personal level. If you are passionate about helping people, boutique fitness studios are a great fit.


4. The better you do, the more you make 

The same cannot be said for most corporate jobs, where your salary is your maximum pay, and you are only subject to a minor adjustment every year. Of course, in some instances, sales reps will receive a commission when they bring in more business, but nothing compares to the pay you would get from owning your own business. 

It makes any long hours worthwhile knowing that the time you put in directly impacts the money in your pocket. After all, that is why we work, isn't it? So why not be your boss and lead the charge of financial freedom. 


5. You create the schedule 

When working for someone else, you’re at their beck and call, and the hours they choose are the hours you work. It's not only an unproductive system, but it's unmotivating and restrictive. 

Perhaps the most appealing part of any franchise business opportunity is choosing the hours you work. The flexibility, the freedom, and the chance to focus on other aspects of your life are unlike any corporate job. 

Of course, some long hours are required to get any business off the ground, but once up and running, you'll have more time to spend with family, take the holiday you always wanted, and show up to work whenever you need. You are the boss, and you set the rules. 


To sum up the benefits of a fitness franchise 

There's a reason why being your own boss is held in such high esteem throughout society. It offers flexibility unmatched by the corporate world, a feeling of fulfillment you don't get working for someone else, and large financial opportunities. If you need an extra push, then this is it. 


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