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Meet "The Deck". General, Get Fit, Fitness | Monday, January 10, 2022


When operating a fitness studio, it is essential that you remain competitive by updating your equipment offerings from time to time. Introducing new equipment not only helps retain existing members by providing them with new and exciting workout opportunities, but it draws in new members looking for the latest and greatest in fitness. To that end, Eat the Frog Fitness is excited to announce our latest equipment release, The Deck. The Deck is the newest product offering from Escape Fitness. We will be adding workout programming utilizing The Deck across all studios in late January. 

So what exactly is The Deck and why is it beneficial? Let’s dive in see how it can improve your franchise’s membership experience.



Introducing The Deck: More Versatile, More Fitness

The Deck can be adjusted between Step, Ramp, and Bench modes, allowing for a diverse range of programming options. Its straightforward design allows it to be adjusted rapidly between 16 different configurations, and its high-grip, supportive surface not only offers a safe, slip-resistant user experience, but thanks to its integrated target points, it is easier for coaches to communicate accurate positioning points for the hands and feet.

While The Deck is easy to use, it’s anything but basic, offering an extremely versatile workout experience. Part stepping workout tool, part workout bench - it's completely adjustable to suit a member’s workout needs. The Deck is capable of delivering highly effective cardio as well as upper and lower body strength training. Thanks to its outstanding versatility, The Deck offers a range of benefits to both gym members and gym owners.

For members, The Deck is an amazing tool for enjoying a low-impact, dynamic cardio workout. When in step mode, it’s also a great way to increase leg and glute strength, as well as coordination and agility. Raise it into ramp or bench mode, and suddenly it’s set up to provide a wide range of weighted and unweighted upper-body workouts, supporting strength training and improved flexibility. The Deck creates the opportunity to make workouts easier for beginners and more difficult for those that need an extra challenge. 


How The Deck Benefits Franchise Owners 

For fitness studio owners, The Deck is equally invaluable. As mentioned above, franchise owners will benefit from the appeal of having the newest and best equipment available, allowing them to stay competitive. And thanks to the fact that it adheres to the Eat the Frog Fitness philosophy that everything should be powered by your body, bringing The Deck into our studios includes zero electrical build-out costs. In fact, it requires no construction or installation at all and needs little to no maintenance.

How The Deck Benefits Coaches

Coaches will love The Deck because it’s an easy yet versatile tool for both individual and group workouts. It can be adjusted quickly and easily to suit a wide range of workouts that coaches are already familiar with, such as steps, box jumps, lunges, push-ups, burpees squats, presses, flys, bicep curls, and a whole lot more. The Deck gives coaches more opportunity to personalize a member's workout in mid-session to meet their individual needs. 

We’ve partnered with the company Escape Fitness, a fitness equipment manufacturer that has a reputation for creating workout tools that deliver the utmost in durability, versatility, and functionality. In other words, they make great equipment that your members will love, that will deliver an outstanding workout experience, and that will last for years to come. The Deck is the latest in this heritage of excellence!


Check out The Deck in action!

When Will Studios Get The Deck?

The Deck will be implemented in-studio across all session types on January 31st. All programming will include the use of The Deck on the traditional and functional sides of the training rooms. If you haven't already, get scheduled for your sessions to try it out! 


If you are interested in learning more about Eat The Frog Fitness and owning your own studio? Visit

We’re committed to providing franchise owners with the newest and most effective equipment necessary for attracting new members and retaining existing ones. That means selecting equipment that will provide members with a truly superior workout experience. The Deck represents our latest effort in that regard, and will help position your studio for growing success in 2022 and the years to come! To learn more about our training philosophy, visit Frogology, on our website.