Enjoy having a coach encourage and guide you through your workouts? Then our live-coached sessions are perfect for you. Scheduled during our peak hours, live-coached training sessions will lead you through dynamic warm ups, variable intensity workouts and cool downs.


Offering an equally impressive experience, our virtual training sessions are a great option for the independent member or for the member who doesn't have the time for tradition studio fitness. Scheduled during non-peak hours, our virtual sessions use a virtual coach, Tad, to help guide you through your workouts efficiently and safely.


Take the Frog with you - around the house or on-the-go! Always have access to 30-minute agility, cardio, and strength sessions, streaming on your phone, computer, or tablet. Whether you're in your living room or traveling and can't make it into the studio - you'll never miss a session again. You can even utilize heart rate technology by pairing your heart rate monitor to our app.


Experience firsthand, the power of personalization.

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Our Agility sessions will help to improve power and agility, as well as build core muscle strength. Functional movements will help support the physical demands of life and a core focus will improve posture, balance, stability, and coordination.

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Our strength sessions use Nubell weights, Alpha sandbags, and the TRX training system to build strength and tone muscle. Strength training contributes to improved bone density and promotes fat free body mass. Our strength session will help you get stronger, burn more calories, boost energy levels, and prevent disease.

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Stamina is the backbone to every successful fitness plan. Our expert designed cardio sessions will expand your workout capacity using a combination of Concept II Rowers and Keiser Spin Bikes. This proprietary combination of low impact and high intensity equipment allows you to train harder and smarter.

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We use a combination of Trigger Point rollers, as well as state of the art stretching and recovery exercises after every session. You'll be recovering like the Pro's by decreasing your risk of injury while becoming more in-tune with your body.


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