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Personal Training


Eat The Frog Fitness takes a hyper-personal approach to group training. This is fitness designed for you - we start by meeting you where you're at and coaches modify to support at your own fitness level.



At Eat The Frog we customize your heart rate during your fit assessment to optimize calories burned, deliver more accurate post-workout stats, and provide you a personal 8-week training plan.

Connected Fitness


With 24/7 access Eat The Frog is the only fitness studio offering coach-lead and virtual in-studio sessions. Need an extra push? Our 1:1 coaching and #FrogSquad community is there every step of the way.

Highlands Ranch


9625 S Broadway Unit #100, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

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(303) 729-3704



It's Personal

Eat The Frog Fitness was created by our co-founder Bryan Clay, an Olympic Gold Medalist, after he experienced the lack of science and that your personal needs were not taken into consideration by any fitness concept out there. From day one, you became a part of our story. We harness the science of your body through fit assessments, our InBody evals, and personal coaching to help you achieve incredible results.


Immersive Experience

IMAX-style screens, music, and lights matched to your workout - deliver a fully immersive experience. We utilize heart rate technology to identify target heart rate zones based on each individual's efforts during a fit assessment. This technology optimizes calories burned during a session, delivers post-workout starts, and allows us to provide you a personal 8-week experience.


The #Frogsquad

Our #FrogSquad is a community of individuals that pursue excellence. But, don't take it from us - let our member Talisha R. tell you. She says, "Eat The Frog is different. Trust me... NOTHING is like Eat The Frog Fitness. Eat The Frog is personable, it’s challenging, it’s a small community, it’s focused, and takes the guesswork out of getting fit. Each workout is like going to an energizing session full of boundless support".

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About Highlands Ranch


Are you ready to get results with the best workout in Highlands Ranch, CO? Eat The Frog Fitness was inspired by a quote that Mark Twain made famous and refers to tackling the hardest things in life. For many people – that’s fitness. Eat The Frog Fitness Highlands Ranch, CO offers Cardio, Strength, and Agility fitness sessions 24/7. We approach fitness on a personal level, creating training plans specifically for you by using the science of your body.

At Eat The Frog Fitness you’ll find sessions that are designed for all fitness levels, offering variable intensity, low-impact, and convenient schedules. At Eat The Frog Fitness Highlands Ranch, you’ll define what fit means to you with the support of the full #FrogSquad!

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Connected Fitness



  • + 8 Live
    Coached Sessions
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    Virtual Sessions
  • + 24/7 Key Fob Access


  • + Unlimited Live
    Coached Sessions
  • + Unlimited
    Virtual Sessions
  • + 24/7 Key Fob Access


  • + Unlimited Live
    Coached Sessions
  • + Unlimited
    Virtual Sessions
  • + 24/7 Key Fob Access
  • + Personal Coach
  • + Body Composition Evals
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Over the years I’ve tried many different gyms and workouts and often had sore knees and shoulders. Eat The Frog offers a great workout that is low impact so no more sore knees! Since I joined 7 months ago I have lost 14 lb and am in great shape. The coaches are kind, fun and there is no ego.

- Katrina N.

Eat the Frog is a great place to get a good workout in.  50 minutes of non stop, on the go movements.  Tons of options for all abilities and ages.  You can use it to lose weight, lose inches, gain muscle mass.  Also great cardio workouts on the bikes and rowers.  I am in the best shape of my life right now at 44 years old..

- Jeff B.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working out at Eat The Frog Fitness!! They have been so welcoming and as someone who hates change. Changing my gym to Eat The Frog has been life changing! The workouts are engaging and the coaches are very supportive. The virtual sessions are very well suited for myself on days I cannot make it to a session with an coach. Throughout COVID, I feel safe working out at a  clean gym with small session sizes! Oh and guess what? They have sessions 24hrs a day so you never have to worry that a session won’t fit your schedule. Overall, a 10/10 experience highly recommend.

- Madison S.