After a long three months, team Scripps is ready to welcome members back to their studio once again. Owner Mike Gormley and his team emphasize the importance of a supportive workout family during a time of uncertainty. They will continue to conduct daily, live zoom sessions until all their members feel comfortable to return for an in-studio session. 

“Working out with your fit fam will not only bring members a strong sense of community support, but help keep you determined, focused, and on the right path towards your health and fitness goals”, says owner Mike G. 

Although Scripps will continue their live zoom sessions, they have been busily preparing for their reopening (Friday 6/12/2020) for a few weeks. Mike G says, “we have a hospital quality disinfectant sprayer that will be used after every session. It completely sanitizes mats, sandbags, Nubells, bikes, and rowers within 5 minutes.” Their team was also recently tested for COVID-19 to bring awareness about antibodies found in specific individuals and to bring peace-of-mind to their members and people in their community.

Along with the hospital quality disinfectant cleanings, their team will also be participating in a few other precautionary steps to do their part in helping minimize the spread of germs and to enforce social distancing guidelines.  

  • Directional Signage
  • 50% Capacity Sessions
  • Team Wearing PPE Equipment
  • Contactless Member Check-in
  • No Equipment Sharing and more

“Your frog squad is here to help lift you up when you feel down and celebrate with genuine joy when you succeed. We got this”! – Scripps Team. (scripps@etffitness.com)

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