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Why Eat The Frog?

  • Personalized Training Plan
  • Heart Rate Based Variable Intensity Interval Training
  • Eat The Frog Training System Created by Elite Level Athletes 
  • And So Much More!

We’re so convinced that our Eat The Frog Training System and studio is the right fit for your lifestyle ,we’re offering you a Free Session.

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What Our Customers Say.

I committed to an 8 week, personalized program just for me. I consistently made it to three classes a week. My transformational from week 1 to week 8 was amazing. These classes are fun, high energy and the program works!! The coaches are amazing and keep the workout fun. This is truly for any fitness level as each program is individualized for where you are. You’re able to track your progress daily in class with heart monitors and on their app.

Stacey G.ETF Fitness North Scottsdale

Trainers actually get to do the job they are MOST SKILLED IN: Teaching you proper form, thanks to the automated screens that guide the workout. technology and trainers...welcome to the greatest gym ever!

Kara K.ETF Fitness North Scottsdale

ETF is the most motivating, energizing way to power through a day! It's become an addiction and I've never felt stronger!

Ali D.ETF Fitness Anacortes

  • icon liveLive & Virtual 24 Hr Access -
    Technology infused Training Studio
  • icon groupPersonalized Small Group Training Model
  • icon evalPre & Post fitness assessments
  • icon plansTraining plans designed by the Best Athletes in the World
  • icon trainingAthletic-based Periodization Training that keeps members
    continually challenged
  • icon science
  • Science based fitness programs
  • icon classesSessions offered: Strength, Cardio, and Agility
  • icon appFitness App with goal setting, workout summary,
    individual/team fitness challenges, and redeemable points at
    national/local stores


OUR PROPRIETARY TRAINING METHODS are DESIGNED TO DELIVER the most EFFECTIVE training experience in the market.

Bryan has taken his knowledge of successful fitness regimens and tailored them to create a powerful training experience for people of all fitness levels. It all starts with the Fit Assessment, designed to identify the areas of fitness you need to focus on. Whether it’s Strength, Cardio or Agility, each member will receive a personalized training plan.

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If it’s your first time in the gym or you’re an elite athlete, our system adapts to your level of fitness. Every 8 weeks you will measure your growth by completing the Fit Assessment. This re-assessment reveals your growth and provides you with a new goal to accomplish. This critical component of the Eat The Frog Training System ensures a continuous improvement toward your fitness goals.


24 7 iconIncorporating a unique blend of convenience and quality, Eat The Frog Fitness combines the best of personal training and small group training with affordability and accessibility. Our training sessions are 55 min in duration and consist of unparalleled elite athlete training insights.

Enjoy having a coach to encourage and guide you through your workouts? Then our live coached sessions are perfect for you. Scheduled during our peak hours, live coached training sessions will lead you through dynamic warm ups, interval circuit training, cool downs, and even active recovery.


Offering an equally impressive experience our virtual training sessions are a great option for the independent member or for the member who never has time for fitness. Take advantage of all the same perks as a live coached session minus the coach. Scheduled during non-peak hours, our proprietary virtual sessions use a virtual coach to help guide you through your workouts efficiently and safely.