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Meet the Latest Franchisees to Join the Eat the Frog Family. Franchising Opportunities | Tuesday, November 23, 2021

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We’re excited to announce new additions to the Eat the Frog Fitness family. Kris and Maica Peterson are currently opening their first franchise in Carlsbad, California. This expands the brand’s presence in the state to two studios open and operating with four in development.

The Petersons bring extensive fitness industry experience to the brand. Previously, Kris helped to launch the family-run company Chuze Fitness, where he served as Chief Marketing Officer for over thirteen years. As for Maica, after spending nearly a decade as a special education teacher, she joined the Chuze Fitness team where she was integral to developing the company’s childcare services, marketing, and social media outreach. Between the two of them, the Petersons possess high levels of expertise in management, operations, marketing, IT, and sales, which helped to grow Chuze Fitness to 30 locations spanning four states. They left Chuze in 2020 to spend more time with their family, but now they are excited to join the rapidly expanding Eat the Frog Fitness team.

According to the Petersons, they decided to launch an Eat the Frog franchise because of their passion for the fitness industry combined with their confidence in the brand.

“We believe in the fitness industry and its future. Fitness is a core need for everyone and isn't going anywhere. Our background and experience were in fitness, so we wanted to find a growing fitness brand we could align with for the future. We were attracted to the culture and people within Eat The Frog Fitness. We know that culture and people are the most important element in a successful business, and Eat The Frog has an excellent management team that we can tell leads with integrity, and the culture they have created within their studios is very special and compelling to attract and keep customers. We see a ton of opportunity for growth with Eat the Frog! Being a newer concept to the fitness space, there is very little to no saturation of this model and plenty of opportunity to find locations and expand in the future!”

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