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Eat the Frog Fitness Franchise = the Perfect Business Opportunity for 2022. Franchising Opportunities | Monday, December 6, 2021

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2021 is almost over and behind us, and 2022 is just around the corner. That being the case, a lot of people are starting to look forward to the new year and consider their options in regards to new business opportunities. A growing number of them are concluding that an Eat the Frog Fitness franchise is exactly the sort of opportunity they’re looking for.

So why own a fitness studio? And why own an Eat the Frog Fitness franchise specifically? Let’s take a look at the key benefits to making 2022 your year to franchise with Eat the Frog.


Why Own a Fitness Studio in 2022?

For starters, let’s look at why now is a great time to own a fitness studio.

While the last few years have obviously been hard on businesses, right now business is booming once again, with new businesses launching at record-high rates. At the same time, interest rates are low, making it easier than ever to get an SBA loan for starting a small business with minimal upfront investment. On top of all this, families currently have more disposable income than during any other time over the previous decade, and they’re ready to spend it!

Increasingly, they’re spending it on health and fitness! It’s no secret that more and more people have been paying attention to their health in recent years, and COVID only increased that trend. 80% of Americans say that they’re going to be more self-care conscious moving forward. At the same time, people are pouring back into the gym, and gym attendance has already shot back up to 83% of pre-pandemic levels and climbing.

Beyond these measurable upsides, there’s the intangible benefit that comes from being at the center of a thriving fitness community. For the fitness-minded business owner, there are few experiences quite as satisfying as owning your own fitness studio!

Why Own an Eat the Frog Fitness Franchise in 2022?

Now that we’ve looked at the whys of owning a gym in general, let’s take a closer look at why owning an Eat the Frog Fitness franchise specifically presents such an outstanding business opportunity.

  • $5,000 signing bonus—if you act fast!

If you sign with Eat the Frog Fitness before December 31, 2021, we’ll give you a $5,000* credit to put toward marketing essentials. 

  • Trusted brand recognition

When you open an Eat the Frog Fitness franchise, you’re better positioned to compete with the big box gyms thanks to our established brand recognition. All it takes for a potential customer to see how much our members love what we have to offer is a quick Google search!

  • 24/7+Virtual business model

Thanks to our 24/7 business model that includes virtual in-studio training options, you’re able to increase your membership by as much as 50-70%. That translates into more revenue.

  • Minimal staffing

Another benefit to our business model is that thanks to the flexibility offered to our customers, you enjoy greater flexibility in terms of staffing. During off-peak hours, for example, your franchise can run entirely staff-free.

  • Franchise support

When you’re part of the Eat the Frog Fitness family, we provide all the ongoing support you need to ensure your success through every step of your business development.

  • Multiple revenue streams

In addition to membership fees, there are plenty of other opportunities for revenues. One-on-one coaching, retail products, pay-to-participate challenges, hosted events, and other add-ons and upgrades all translate into more reliable revenue streams.

  • Opportunities for expansion

One of the most exciting aspects of owning an Eat the Frog Fitness franchise involves opportunities for growth. As your franchise prospers, you can also open more and more locations to expand upon your success!

What’s more, Eat the Frog Fitness was co-founded by Olympic Gold Medalist Bryan Clay, and our program represents all that he’s learned from a lifetime of athletic excellence. In other words, Eat the Frog Fitness is a health program that works!


Make 2022 the Year You Own a Fitness Studio

Ready to make 2022 the year where you finally open your own fitness studio? Franchise with Eat the Frog Fitness, and you’ll enjoy greater flexibility, outstanding franchisee support, multiple revenue streams, opportunities for expansion, and the recognition that comes with operating under a trusted brand name. At the same time, you’ll seize upon the opportunities presented by a booming fitness industry and a thriving economy. Let’s make 2022 your year for fitness franchising success!

But be sure to act fast. You’ll receive that $5,000* credit only if you sign before December 31, 2021, so the clock is ticking! That $5,000* marketing credit will be a major boon in terms of helping you decrease your initial investment and amass the marketing necessities that are key to getting your location off the ground.


To get started visit where you’ll find more details about Eat the Frog Fitness. We’ll collect some basic information, then your Eat the Frog Fitness franchising experience will begin!


*restrictions apply.